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M&M Erectors

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St. Mary Catholic Church

St. Mary Catholic Church | 15,000 SF Fellowship Hall and 9,000 SF Mezzanine | League City, TX

9.18.20 - Crewmen finished sheeting the mezzanine,


9.08.20 - Progress has been made sheeting the mezzanine. Crewmen are welding the perimeter angle and column washers,

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Ameritex | 30,000 SF PEMB | Conroe, TX

9.18.20 - Crewmen continue to sheet the facility,

9.08.20 - Crewmen have progressed to sheeting the roof,


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St. Patrick's Church

St. Patrick's Church | 5,600 SF | Houston, TX

9.18.20 - Crewmen have progressed to installing purlin straps. Sheeting will soon follow,

9.08.20 - Main frame columns are up. Crewmen have progressed to hanging sections of the roof,

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Magellan Midstream Partners

Magellan Midstream Partners | 9,500 SF PEMB | Houston, TX

7.07.20 - Crews continue to hang steel and have made progress with the metal siding installation,

6.19.20 - The building was delivered.


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E Squared Marine

E Squared Marine| 8,000 SF PEMB | Friendswood, TX

6.30.20 - This project is complete,

3.30.20 - Crews are wrapping up their work sheeting the building,


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Grizzly | 35,000 SF PEMB | Waller, TX

5.28.20 - Crewmen have completed the office siding, installation, and trim,

4.21.20 - The walls and roof are completely sheeted,


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Grand Pkwy Professional Buildings

Grand Pkwy Professional Buildings | 3 PEMBs | Richmond, TX

3.13.20 - Crewmen are to erect (1) 49'x89' building, (1) 50'x119' building, and (1) 49'x119' building. They will later return to trim the buildings and install the downspouts. Crews are currently erecting the steel,


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Hoelscher Doors and Weatherstrip

Hoelscher Doors and Weatherstrip | 192,000 SF | Tomball, TX

3.09.20 - M&M's work on this project is complete,


12.30.19 - Macario and his crew are installing trim on the warehouse and finishing the canopies,

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Dollar General

Dollar General | 9,100 SF PEMB | Houston, TX

3.02.20 - Crews have hung all steel and have sheeted the exterior,

2.12.20 - Crews will began hanging steel for a new Dollar General on 2.17 for Wright Construction.


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4121 Clay Road

4121 Clay Road | 9,300 SF PEMB | Katy, TX

12.03.19 - Crewmen continue to trim the office,

10.05.19 - Crews are sheeting the office and warehouse,

9.24.19 - Crews erected all main frame columns and are hanging the purlins,

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Traders Village - Joe's Burgers

Traders Village | 4,000 SF Freestanding Joe's Burgers Restaurant | Houston, TX

10.10.19 - Final photos of this project,

9.24.19 - Our work on this project is complete,


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Traders Village - Subway

Traders Village | 4,000 SF Freestanding Subway Restaurant | Houston, TX

10.10.19 - This project is complete,

9.24.19 - This project is very near completion,


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26106 Clay Road

26106 Clay Road | 12,000 SF PEMB | Katy, TX

9.13.19 - Our work on this project is complete,


8.09.19 - Crewmen are finishing the timwork on the building,

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Wilson Air

Wilson Air | 28,000 SF Airplane Hangar and Office Addition | Houston, TX

9.05.19 - Crews completed their work on the hangar doors and have finished the trim. Their work on this project is complete,


9.03.19 - Crewmen worked on the rolling hangar doors so group 3 could open and close independently of group 6. Crewmen repaired the weatherstrip after separating the sections of rolling door. Crewmen also installed trim between the existing building and the purlins,

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Texcel | 42,000 SF Warehouse Expansion | Houston, TX

3.11.19 - This project is nearing completion,

2.20.19 - Installing gutters and downspouts,

2.05.19 - Sheeting continues,

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11.06.18 - Crewmen are finishing trim work as this project nears completion,

7.16.18 - Roof sheeting continues.

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Katy Business Park Building 1

Katy Business Park Building 1 | 12,000 SF PEMB | Katy, TX

11.01.18 - This project is complete,

7.20.18 - Crewmen are nearing completion with their work sheeting the facility,

7.16.18 - Crewmen are finishing the warehouse roof sheeting,

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AMECO | Re-insulation and Re-sheeting | Houston, TX

11.01.18 - Crewmen are replacing the roof, wall sheeting, and insulation on AMECO's existing 60'x200' steel building,



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SiteOne - Friendswood

SiteOne| 7,000 SF PEMB | Friendswood, TX

9.27.19 - Crewmen have completed their work sheeting and trimming this facility,

9.19.19 - 


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Word of God Christian Fellowship Church

Word of God Christian Fellowship Church | 12,000 SF FACILITY

8.13.18 - The walls and roof are sheeted. Crewmen are finishing the soffit and installing the trim,


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